You've stumbled into the temporary online home of Dan Burgess. I'm a designer and indie publisher based in Glasgow, Scotland who is passionate about combining the powers of storytelling and design. There will be a blog and all that jazz eventually but, until then, you can find me on Twitter or visit my design portfolio at, or why not drop me an email and say hello?

Right now I am:
— working at Loudon Design
— publishing Firewords, an indie literary magazine that combines short fiction and illustration
— podcasting with two new shows (links coming soon!)

Note for the perceptive or confused: This site is all part of the consolidation of my online presence into one place, which also involved unifying all my social media profiles. Previously, I was @Mr_DanB on Twitter, @danburgess on Instagram, @danb on Dribbble and @dandesigns on Pinterest – confusing huh? Now I’m @amperdan almost everywhere.